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Who Are You? - 08.19.09

I write this poem, I write it brand new,
I'm writing this poem all for you.
Sixteen and confused, full of wonder am I,
Wishing to know who you are, I heave a great sigh.
Will you have blue eyes or brown?
Red, blond, or brunette atop your crown?
Speaking with a whisper as calm as the nights sky,
Or are you rather a loud and spontaneous guy?
I will love you forever, will you love me too?
Be loyal, kind, sweet, and true?
When I'm sad and upset, will you hold me when I cry?
Will you take care of our family, help us get by?
Do I already know you and all that you do?
I have just one more question... who are you?

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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