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The Clock - 07.24.09

I sit there and watch the grandfather clock tick for awhile.
Now and again I hear its soft chime and it makes me smile.
The hands go round, time moving me forward and on,
A month has passed by and it's the break of dawn.
The pendulum swings; it never misses a beat,
I wish it could tick on forever, it would be so sweet.
But sadly the weights on the gears come to a halt.
Terrified I stand up, listen to its silence, and think it's my fault.
I have a choice now to make, missing the pendulum's swing,
Two possible options, as I sit missing its ring.
I could find a new clock just right around the bend,
Or I could work my hardest to wind this one up, and set it ticking again.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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