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Better Than Royalty - 06.14.09

A young girl only eighteen,
With a stunning beauty fit for a queen.
She is to marry soon,
A dark shadow sets over the room.
It's a betrothal here and now,
agreeing or not she'll be forced to bow.
Led down the aisle by the king,
A groom there with a ring.
A single tear falls down her cheek.
A strong heart made feeble and meek.
Her hand he took and then she knew,
Her final words would be "i do."
But then and there the rooster cooed,
And woke the girl her fears soothed.
At last she felt it in her heart,
Just a farm girl she played her part.
All her life a princess she dreamed to be,
Finally now her eyes could see,
Always happier would be her life,
Not of royalty and all its strife.
A young girl only eighteen,
With a strong heart and mind keen.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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