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Tragedy - 08.26.09

A lonely bear came across some bees,
Thinking he was in heaven.
Asked for a taste of their honey,
Happily they gave him a comb of seven.
Loving how the honey tasted,
He came back to ask for more.
Sweetly the kind bees obliged,
They gave to him another four.
Time went on between the two,
Transactions happening again and again,
The once happy bees began to tire,
Wishing to go back to before the bear had been.
They began to sting his paws,
Thinking to drive him away,
But the bear loved the honey too much,
So he stayed day after day.
Exhausted and determined were the bees,
Leaving the forest with their honey's magic.
Though the bees found peace again,
For the bear it was more tragic.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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