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Take It - 09.06.09

Let's get the picture straight, let me paint it for you,
The reason behind my anger, comes from a time long past due.
The things that happened a few months past,
I didn't see it before,
That it still weighs on my shoulders, still knocks on my door.
Exactly what I did, I will not say,
But I suddenly became ugly, my face painted gray.
Mistake after mistake, I walked a dangerous path,
My thoughts became dark, my heart full of wrath.
As I finally found the light at the end of my darkest hall,
Upon my Heavenly Father, my heart began to call.
He filled me with his warmth, forgiveness shining true,
A part of me rejoiced, while a part was left in blue.
I did not deserve it, His love, His warmth, His pain,
He should have left me in the dust, left me in the rain.
And yet His forgiveness he did give me, though I do not forgive myself,
Satan's dark words crept inside my heart, using slyness and stealth.
The Lord's hand reaches out to me, wanting to help me make it,
Now the easiest and hardest choice I must make,
To lift my own,
And take it.

 - Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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