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My Place - 09.14.09

Silently watching, contemplating, understanding,
My place.
Laughing loudly, talking, smiling,
Their space.
Different kinds of people filling the land,
Some take their seats while some take a stand.
I listen, I worry, the world on my shoulders,
A heavy tongue and deep mind carrying these boulders.
They are social, excited, talking as fast as their minds,
This role is not mine, I don't enjoy being this kind.
Silently watching, contemplating, understanding,
My place.
Laughing loudly, talking smiling,
Their space.
This is my place, a calm, interested spectator.

Happily grinning, giggling, willing,
My place.
Tickling quickly, chasing, sharing,
Their place.
Similar people all over the land,
Groups of the exciting and groups of the bland.
I smile, I enjoy, "the world is my stage",
Excited to be around happiness, shrinking from rage.
They are open, happy, enjoying their lives in whole,
This role is what I seek, to escape a life so dull.
Happily grinning, giggling, willing,
My place,
Tickling quickly, chasing, sharing,
Their place.
This is my place, an endearing, thrilled, friend.


So who am I? This or that? Which is my place?
Complicated but true, both are the race,
This is my place.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)

Take It - 09.06.09

Let's get the picture straight, let me paint it for you,
The reason behind my anger, comes from a time long past due.
The things that happened a few months past,
I didn't see it before,
That it still weighs on my shoulders, still knocks on my door.
Exactly what I did, I will not say,
But I suddenly became ugly, my face painted gray.
Mistake after mistake, I walked a dangerous path,
My thoughts became dark, my heart full of wrath.
As I finally found the light at the end of my darkest hall,
Upon my Heavenly Father, my heart began to call.
He filled me with his warmth, forgiveness shining true,
A part of me rejoiced, while a part was left in blue.
I did not deserve it, His love, His warmth, His pain,
He should have left me in the dust, left me in the rain.
And yet His forgiveness he did give me, though I do not forgive myself,
Satan's dark words crept inside my heart, using slyness and stealth.
The Lord's hand reaches out to me, wanting to help me make it,
Now the easiest and hardest choice I must make,
To lift my own,
And take it.

 - Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)

Spinning - 09.06.09

Blue, Green, colors flashing before my eyes
Scared to fall when it stops, it'll be my demise
Left to right, present to past
To my future, my eyes refuse to be cast
An interesting sensation, yet full of pain and strife
It is what it has always been, it is
My life.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)

Third Grade Again - 09.02.09

A smile, a wave, a shiver down my spine,
Heart skipping, each missed beat is a sign.
I've been crushing on him for awhile,
How long has it been?
Feeling so much like I'm in third grade once again.
Not thinking of boyfriend, only of friends,
Thinking of a sweet silliness that never ends.
He hugs me kindly and my head's spinning round,
Running into walls, the world's not making a sound.
Blood rushes to my face, blushing at his glance,
Wondering if maybe I'll go with him to that dance.
It's cute and silly, yet who doesn't need now and then,
A chance to feel like you're in third grade once again.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)

I Am From - 09.01.09

I am from long walls of photos,
From concerts, and weddings, and home sewn,
From cookie dough at midnight,
And watching Aladdin til dawn.

I am from Disneyland with family,
Little legs chasing after long,
Music in my ears.

I am from long talks with mom,
From walking and talking like dad.

I am from rise and sparkle mornings,
From lock the door and turn off the lights evenings.
Seven older siblings hugging and screaming,
Five sisters all in one mirror,

I am from a little bit, a lot, but not too much,
With so much to give and to hear.

I am from fingers flying,
Hearing them on piano keys,
Light as air.
The sounds of happiness and sadness,
The smells and tastes in the air,
This is where I am from.
Journals amongst my books,
And a box of pictures on the shelf,
All reminding me of what used to be there.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)