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I Am From - 09.01.09

I am from long walls of photos,
From concerts, and weddings, and home sewn,
From cookie dough at midnight,
And watching Aladdin til dawn.

I am from Disneyland with family,
Little legs chasing after long,
Music in my ears.

I am from long talks with mom,
From walking and talking like dad.

I am from rise and sparkle mornings,
From lock the door and turn off the lights evenings.
Seven older siblings hugging and screaming,
Five sisters all in one mirror,

I am from a little bit, a lot, but not too much,
With so much to give and to hear.

I am from fingers flying,
Hearing them on piano keys,
Light as air.
The sounds of happiness and sadness,
The smells and tastes in the air,
This is where I am from.
Journals amongst my books,
And a box of pictures on the shelf,
All reminding me of what used to be there.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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