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Mr. Darcy - Pride & Prejudice - 2007

I'm considered offensive and proud.
What I am, I never speak aloud.
Powerful, with ten thousand a year,
Too handsome and noble to be near.
Amongst Ladies, my wealth is wanted.
I am admired yet disgusted.
My horrible countenance, hated,
I'm just like my father belated.
Superior and fine is what I am.
Stubborn, forbidding is what I've been.
I am tall but quite short of kindness.
Ignore, but am full of awareness.
I am what some call ingenious.
Some others would call me dexterous
I'm mysterious beyond compare.
My great mind is like a secret lair.
I am silent, witty, and cunning.
I consider myself quite stunning.
I am not at all short of royal.
I can be forceful but I'm loyal.
I am amiable, and clever.
Indeed, I'll be in love forever.
To myself, business is not a game.
I am upholding the Darcy name.

- Kimberly H. G. (14 years old)


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