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Family - 08.10.09

Family; so complicated, confusing and rare,
Eight siblings, each with their own worry and care.
We grew up together, and we grew up apart,
This being so we each had a different start.
Christine; sweet and caring, always the motherly sister,
Gentle, artistic, and a great listener.
I was too little to really know who she was,
Older now I love who she is and all that she does.
Julie; a favorite to many, so amazing and fun,
Complicated yet wonderful 'til the day is but done.
I enjoyed her company then and I enjoy it now,
Never harsh words between us, never a row.
Richard; my gentle brother, a soft flowing river,
A writer, a drawer, and a great advice giver.
Young and silly I played with his monsters now and then,
Past the annoyances I caused we are friends once again.
Eric; a young boy at heart, a Disneyland lover,
Fun, talented, and a great brother.
He used to let me play his games, and to the movies we went,
With him life was fun and light 'til the day was spent.
Emily; energetic, spontaneous, always moving,
Loving life and friends, her music grooving.
Life is never boring when Emily is there,
I love her dearly and will forever care.
Anna; my musical sister, talented and strong,
Beautiful, intense, she's hardly ever wrong.
Not the closest of sisters though we were,
I've always aspired to be as successful as her.
Janet; a natural born leader, righteous and steadfast,
Forgiving, caring, and headed for great things fast.
We never got along and we fought often back then,
But times have changed and now she's a closest friend.
Youngest of eight, I don't really know yet who I am,
A little of all seven, I'm learning from them.
I hope to learn soon where amongst them I stand,
To play my part well in this large family band.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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