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"Oh What is it Like?" - 05.25.09

She looked up at me as we took a break from our hike,
She asked me sweetly, "oh, what is it like?"
I contemplated that question as the river turned the bend,
Oh what is it like to be in love with my best friend?
With a simple truth I decided to begin,
"It's like playing a game that is almost impossible to win.
On the board, none of the peices seem to fit,
But you keep playing all the same never wanting to quit.
It's like jumping head first into a pool neither warm nor cold,
It's scary at first, but you never regret it, and it never gets old.
It's like hugging your teddy bear when you're alone or scared,
It will always bring you comfort even if the bear is teared.
It's like writing in your journal when you have a secret to tell,
It keeps them safe and listens to your hopes for the wishing well."
She looked up at me her eyes full of wonder and wide.
"It sounds like an adventure with so much promise inside."
So as we both watched that river turn round that bend,
I found there's nothing greater than being in love with my best friend.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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