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Defying The Storms - 03.25.09

A little green forest begins to grow.
It isn't long before it begins to know,
the batter of storms and the fears of the snow.
Growing is difficult with so much to bare.
Feeling each of its branches begin to tear.
Losing all hope and falling into despair.
The once happy forest becomes depressed and sad,
as even the thought of a storm makes it mad.
Its anger is strong but doesn't know that its bad.
Denser the forest grows in each coming spring,
seeking protection from that evil storm being.
Sends the birds away, no longer singing.
Fortifying its trunks, pushing everything out,
no animals can live where it is dense and stout.
But finally it sees it is lonely without.
The storms battering on, seems impossible to rid,
all of the protection it built up and it did.
It could no longer react to or do as the storm bid.
As time passes, and as the forest lives on,
it is no longer dense and is now filled with song.
The storms still continue, never quite gone.
The anger is gone, and the forest still strong,
seeing and knowing that the anger was wrong.
The animals returned, the forest happily among.
Though the will may falter as the storms come,
stay strong but remember to never succumb,
to anger, another negative step on the ladder rung.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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