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Hope - 05.11.09

Pouring rain,
Burning pain.
Feels like your heart has died,
Can't fix it no matter if you tried.
Every time back up you get,
Just to find you've lost the bet.
Once again hit and maimed,
By that pouring rain,
Burning pain.
No room left to grow,
But little did you know,
Soon will be gone that pouring rain,
Burning pain.
Times will be hard for a few longer,
But all of this will make you stronger.
You'll come out on top,
No longer held down by the chain,
Pouring rain,
Burning pain.
Life will be better soon enough,
Just hold on tight, it will be tough.
The burning fire quenched by the rain,
No more hurt and no more pain.

- Kimberly H. G. (16 years old)


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