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The Bloody Axe - 05.13.03

           One night there was a terrible thunder storm. A little girl named Sabrina was huddled up on her bed. Sabrina thought the storm was a hurricane because the windows were rattling rapidly. Sabrina could hear thunder all around her. She was very scared. You could hear her tiny body shaking in the cold, black, night. Sabrina could hear a frightening noise at her doorway, "creek, creeek." She got so scared that she couldn't move an inch. Sabrina could see a figure at the doorway. The figure kept on coming closer and closer. Sabrina wanted to scream, but it wouldn't come out. The figure came close enough that Sabrina could tell that it was a man. She was hoping it was her father or her big brother. Then suddenly she heard rumbling and rustling and a big boom! The figure jumped and ran to the light switch and turned on the lights. There was good news and bad news. The good news was that the figure was Sabrina's father and the bad news was that the tree in the front yard got hit by lightening and fell into Sabrina's bedroom window. Her father ran down stairs and came back with an axe in his hands. Sabrina had no idea what he was doing, so she was a little frightened. She could hear the ends of the branch snapping and breaking off as her dad chopped at the branch with his axe. When he was done he didn't put the axe down, instead he slowly came closer and closer to her. Once he was right in front of her he raised his axe and Sabrina let out a horrible scream. 
          One second later, Sabrina woke up still screaming. When she stopped screaming she was relieved to know it was just a dream. She then decided that it was time to get up, so she looked on the ground to find her slippers 

and there it was, 

the axe, 

covered in blood.

- Kimberly H. G. (10 years old)


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